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The Gamechanger Experience: 

  • More Money And Freedom from your practice in a way that you choose
  • Daily, Weekly Monthly Systems that level up everything in your life.
See How The Gamechanger Experience Has Changed Doctor's Lives.....
Dr. Brant Koenig
"If you want to have a dream practice and you want to have a practice that takes your breath away, this is the place to be”
Dr. TJ Goss
“I can say with complete certainty that there is no other seminar on this planet for chiropractors like this one.”
Dr. Michael Sims
“It's Amazing who you can become in this program"
Dr. Kurt Keener 
“I “Gamechanger equals
 changed LIFE"
Dr. Aaron Cain
“One of the best experiences of my life."
Find Out How YOU Can Scale & Build Your Practice Working 3 Days A Week(or less) While Keeping Your Overhead Low And Your Income High
From: Dr. Michael Buffington
Dear Doctors,
I have Been In Business For Over 25 Years, I have Trained Hundreds of Doctors. I Have Hosted Over 25 Events. There Was A Single Question I Have After every Event.... How Can I Make It Even Better?
This is opportunity knocking at your door.(And you know that where procrastination has a home, opportunity will never knock-a favorite quote of mine)

I’m bringing MEN, who are Chiropractors into one room to break down and discuss the best tips, tools, strategies and tactics for totally Transforming your practice into the powerful force you dream it could be. 

You will learn what it takes to Build a Million Dollar Chiropractic Practice and more importantly how to have the LIFE that you want to go with it.

The purpose of this event is simple.

I want to teach you the systems and processes I have used to generate millions of dollars, have a 19 year marriage(24 years together) and have the lifestyle and family to match.  PERFECT, HELL NO.  Straight up, real talk, no bs, what it really takes and how I did it AND continue to do it.

This event will teach you just that. 

It’s unlike anything you’ll experience all year!

This is your chance to massively propel your Practice forward!
Learn the proven frameworks that cause cashflow as a guarantee rather than a wish. 

Much of what you'll learn is a direct reflection of what is routinely MISSED by practice owners like us.

There are two choices:
  • Choice #1: Keep doing what you are doing and learn things as I did through trial and error. I get it. I don’t judge. I wish you luck. OR;
  • ​Choice #2: Learn my patterns and processes for building YOUR  practice that gives you the lifestyle, freedom and impact you always wanted!
Investing in your future and attending this event is the FASTEST path to your success.

Now, will it be easy? Hell no. We will be WORKING at this event. But trust me… when you put in the work, and follow the proven steps, the success is all but guaranteed! 
This is a TRAINING event!

Scroll Down For the Day By Day Gamechanger Curriculum
Join  Other Forward-Thinking, Chiropractors
We have One Saying At Gamechanger - “EVERY day is a Training Day!” 
Learn My System That can work for ANYONE, IF they are willing to TAKE ACTION.

This Is Not A Regular Seminar - This Event Will Change Your Life & Your Practice! 

Have Doubts? Watch The 6 Month Return and Report Video Below! 
Hilton Lake Front Rockwall
Rockwall, Texas
August 28-29th, 2020 
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Dr. Brian Hughes
Event Breakdown
In my fluid, forward-style teaching environment, here are the things you will ONLY be able to learn at the Gamechanger Experience 2020!
DAY ONE: Practice Map to Power
DAY 1: Dr. Michael Buffington
I need you to focus right out of the gate!
We are going to deliver massive value from start to finish! Pay attention to learn things like:

How to “Transform the Doctor”

Why do so many talented Chiropractors struggle to expand their practice beyond a certain level? Because they look outside of themselves and try to change the world before changing themselves. Their expectations exceed their introspections.

 This ONLY leads to frustration, overwhelm, and ultimately failure.

Changing the Game starts with Transforming the Doctor. Transform the Doctor and you transform the entire Game!

The topics today are focused on changing your SELF in order to change your Practice and your World. This is the difference maker. This is the life changer. Miss this and you NEVER hit your goals. Period.

You will be trained on the following
  • The X-Factor: How to identify it, use it, and amplify it. – Help you to become the Doctor you wanted to be in order to unleash your full potential – This is the SECRET KEY necessary to unlocking the wealth in your business.
  • The Maps: the complete guide that will get you from where you ARE to where you want to GO while giving you unshakeable, unwavering, unstoppable confidence and drive for the journey ahead. You will be BULLETPROOF!
  • The 4C’s - Training on the 4C’s to unleash the “Million Dollar Doctor Mindset.” Break through the ceiling. You CANNOT grow beyond your Vision of your Future self, because your skill set can never overcome your mindset. This training will obliterate the UNKNOWN limits that have been holding you back. 
DAY 1: Cullen Tally
Doctor or Businessman, which one?
Cullen has a unique ability to work with business owners and their leadership teams in a way that leads them to measurable results. Cullen has grown multiple highly successful businesses throughout his career. They ranged across industry, size, and stage from inception all the way through a successful sale. Cullen will invite you to consider that to serve your community and grow your practice you must be a businessman, before being a doctor by sharing a model, the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).  

The EOS model will give you a simple way of evaluating your practice that has been used by thousands of businesses across industries to become more efficient and grow beyond the ceiling where they are currently stuck. He will cover key concepts regarding your business goals, staff, and meetings, that you will be able to implement and use the week after the Gamechanger event. He will have real examples from existing chiropractors of measurable results in the first few weeks and months of using these tools.

DAY Two: TRANSFORM the Practice; Transform the World
DAY 2: Dr. Michael Buffington
TRANSFORM the Practice… TRANSFORM the World (Specifically YOUR World!)

Oh, today, we are taking the momentum and new reality we created and driving into changing your Practice and Your World (The lives of you and your family!)

Here’s the deal, in order to scale any business, it’s a requirement to know your numbers (yes, the money) and most importantly, have systems in place to KEEP IT. Some Chiropractors today have figured out how to make money, but most have never figured out how to KEEP money, so they live life hustling 24/7 and NEVER accomplish the things they YEARN to accomplish. It’s heartbreaking!

Well… we’re going to change THAT part of the game… TODAY!
Prepare yourself, because we are about to learn a LOT, including:
  • The HIDDEN - expenses that are killing your profit and how to fix the problem.
  • The Time Matrix – my proven tool and strategy to get 30% more done with WAY less time and effort!
  • The Momentum Map – this alone is worth MILLIONS to you and the Legacy you leave behind!
  • ​The Game Plan system – you will learn my repeatable, easy-to-implement Weekly “Game Plan” template for you and your teams to dominate your weekly targets and move things forward at an accelerated rate.
DAY 02: Jace D. Young
In the summer of 2005 Jace witnessed the financial collapse of grandfathers $10 Million Dollar family business. A business that took 65 years to build and 5 months to fall a part.

Why did it fall apart? Lack. of. Control.

 Jace brings a unique and real perspective on what it takes to control the future of your business financially and what the long term cost is of NOT having control.

Jace has spent the past three years sharing his story and proven concepts with families across the U.S. to Ensure that the same thing that happened to Jace's family business, doesn't happen to others.

What Jace delivers:
  • Wealth Accumulator: A unique system that shows you exactly how to handle the hundreds of thousands of dollars that pass through your practice on an annual basis so that you KEEP more of it. 
  • Wealthy Doctor Mindset:  The game changes when you figure out the money piece to running a successful chiropractor office and once these systems are in place, you will change drastically in how you operate, how you make decisions, and how you FEEL now that you have complete certainty in the financial future of your practice.
Meet the keynote Speaker
Dr. Michael Buffington
Michael has been in private practice for over 25 years. In that time he has collected more than $20 million while running annual overhead in a range from 18% to 30%. He’s gone from his 3 days and 18 hours per week down to a 10 hour week (max) with a team that executes at the highest levels with our without him.

 “I help people to completely Transform their business”

Join me on my mission to train the profession from the inside out.
  • Elite Coach: Over 100+ Doctors Trained
  • Podcast Host: Popular host of the Change The Game Podcast
  •  Successful Entrepreneur: Million Dollar Doctor, Coach & Multiple Business Owner.
  • ​Experienced: Over 500,000+ Patients Served
"Every Day Is Training Day"
The Gamechanger Experience Event FAQs
What Are The Dates For The Gamechanger Experience?
Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront

Parlor ABC - Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront

Friday, August 28, 2020
8:30 am - Registration begins
9:00 am - Start Time with approximate end time of 6 pm

Saturday, August 29, 2020
9:00 am - Start Time with approximate end time of 6 pm

Where Is The Venue For The Event?
Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront
2055 Summer Lee Drive
Rockwall, TX  75032
Can Anyone  Attend This Event?
We are only opening up this event to PRACTICING DOCTORS OF CHIROPRACTIC, who want a higher level of success
What Should I Wear?
Will be clarified in training before the event.
Any Other Questions?
Contact me directly, Give me 24 hours at least, I actually live everything I train and stay hyper-focused on those already working with me.
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DISCLAIMER: The profitability stated above has been my personal experience. You may or may not be able to duplicate them, or get any results from the knowledge given at the event. Your results will vary and will depend on multiple factors such as your experience, your work ethic, and your ability to apply the knowledge.