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Don't Come to Learn a new Practice System or Marketing Strategy (NOT WHAT WE DO). Come Learn a Scientifically Proven, Personal Operating System that will maximize ANY PRACTICE SYSTEM. 

Turn The Sound Up 👆

The Gamechanger Experience: 

  • More Patients, More Profits from your practice in a way that you choose.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Systems that level up your business and life. 
Learn The Frameworks and Create the REQUIRED Capacity to accelerate RESULTS in Your Life. Come and have a BREAKTHROUGH Experience. 
From: Dr. Michael Buffington
Dear Doctors,
I have Been In Business For Over 26 Years, I have Trained Hundreds of Doctors. I Have Hosted Over 25 Events. There Was A Single Question I Have After every Event.... How Can I Make It Even Better?

(I say this every time and it's true)

This is opportunity knocking at your door.(And you know that where procrastination has a home, opportunity will never knock-a favorite quote of mine)

I’m bringing MEN, who are Chiropractors, husband, fathers, into one room to Create a Powerful shift in the trajectory of their lives. 

The purpose of this event is simple.

I want to teach you a scientifically proven Personal Operating System I have used to generate millions of dollars, have a 20 year marriage(25 years together) and have the lifestyle and family to match.  PERFECT, HELL NO.  Straight up, real talk, no bs, what it really takes and how I did it AND continue to do it.

This event will teach you just that. 

It’s unlike anything you’ll experience all year!

This is your chance to massively propel your Practice LIFE forward!
Learn the proven frameworks that cause cashflow as a guarantee rather than a wish. 

Much of what you'll learn is a direct reflection of what is routinely MISSED by practice owners like us.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
There are only two choices:
  • Choice #1: Keep doing what you are doing and learn things as I did through trial and error. I get it. I don’t judge. I wish you luck. OR;
  • ​Choice #2: Learn gamechanger tactics for building YOUR practice to give you the lifestyle, freedom and impact you always wanted!
Investing in your future and attending this event is the FASTEST path to your success.

Now, will it be easy? Hell no. We will be WORKING at this event. But trust me… when you put in the work, and follow the proven steps, the success is guaranteed! 
This is a TRAINING event!

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See How The Gamechanger Experience Has Changed Doctor's Lives.....
Dr. Aaron Cain
“One of the best experiences of my life."
Dr. Brant Koenig
"If you want to have a dream practice and you want to have a practice that takes your breath away, this is the place to be”
Dr. TJ Goss
“I can say with complete certainty that there is no other seminar on this planet for chiropractors like this one.”
Dr. Kim Hester
Dr. Steve Rickman
Event Breakdown
There won't be a room like this in Chiropractic.  Here are the things you will ONLY be able to learn at the Gamechanger Experience 2021!
DAY 1: Dr. Michael Buffington
 Roadmap to Results
I need you to focus right out of the gate!

We are going to deliver massive value from start to finish! 

How to “Transform the Doctor”

 Yeah I know, sounds like a tall order but we've done it over and over again(Actually, they've done it, with some assistance)

Why do so many talented Chiropractors struggle to expand their practice beyond a certain level?

Because they look outside of themselves and believe that the next practice management system or marketing idea will solve all their problems(they won't no matter how good they are).

The doctor's expectations are directed toward the wrong thing.

 This ONLY leads to frustration, overwhelm, and repeating the same cycle over and over again.

Changing the Game starts with Transforming the Doctor. Transform the Doctor and you Accelerate the entire Game!

If you will go All In...

...Then You will be trained on the following:
  • Setting REAL Targets: Using our tools and bots your next quarter targets will be crystal clear.  Not my targets for your business and life but those that matter to YOU.  Cross checked by men that have been living this game for years and know what works and what doesn't.  This kind of clarity always yields massive results.
  • The Maps: the complete guide that will get you from where you ARE to where you want to GO while giving you unshakeable, unwavering, unstoppable confidence and drive for the journey ahead. You will be BULLETPROOF!
  • The 4C’s - Training on the 4C’s to unleash the “Gamechanger Mindset.” Break through the ceiling. You CANNOT grow beyond your Vision of your Future self, because your skill set can never overcome your mindset. This training will obliterate the UNKNOWN limits that have been holding you back. 
DAY 1: Cullen Talley
Doctor or Businessman, which one?
Founder of Exit Momentum Cullen Talley has been described by his clients as the perfect combination of Mr. T, Mr. Miyagi, and Mr. Rogers. (In other words, ruthlessly direct, patiently focused on teaching, and unfailingly friendly). Whether it’s health and wellness, financial services, real estate, logistics, disruptive tech, or other industries, Talley’s business senses always shine through for his clients. 

Cullen’s superpower is understanding the intricacies and intersections across marketing, sales, product, ops, tech, finance, legal, etc. Over the span of his career, he’s advised on major acquisitions that impacted thousands of employees with billions of dollars in revenue at stake; expanded existing businesses into new channels of distribution; proven business models that returned 11x angel investors capital in under 24 months with a $220M exit; worked in cutting edge mobile and digital marketing technologies; and pushed sales increase by more than 20% while reducing costs by nearly 50% in the same period. In his Exit Momentum venture he coaches entrepreneurs and their leadership teams across the US on their growth strategies across all areas of the business.

Cullen will invite you to consider that to serve your community and grow your practice you must becomes a businessman in addition to being a doctor. He will share with you the 9 CORE competencies necessary to have that in your practice business, the tools to implement measurable change in weeks, and a path for growth. He has already proven it with dozens of existing Gamechangers who’s practice business is radically different than when they came to a Gamechanger Experience.

DAY 2: Dr. Michael Buffington
TRANSFORM the Practice… TRANSFORM the World (Specifically YOUR World!)

Today, we are taking the momentum and new reality we created Day 1 and diving into change your Business and Your World (The lives of you and your family!)

Here’s the deal, in order to scale any business, it’s a requirement to know your numbers (yes, the money) and most importantly, have systems in place to KEEP IT. Some Chiropractors today have figured out how to make money, but most have never figured out how to KEEP money, so they live life hustling 24/7 and NEVER accomplish the things they YEARN to accomplish. It pisses me OFF!

Well… we’re going to change THAT part of the game… TODAY!

You'll walk away with tools  that will serve you for years to come.
  • 5 FRAMES OF FREEDOM – I took the concept of new frame, new game and made it applicable for YOU.  It's like a cheat sheet to get more in every area of life and business without the expense of time.
  • The Momentum Map – this alone is worth MILLIONS to you and the Legacy you leave behind!
  • ​The Game Plan system – you will learn my repeatable, easy-to-implement Weekly “Game Plan” template for you and your teams to dominate your weekly targets and move things forward at an accelerated rate.
DAY 2: Michael Mann   
"I guarantee any business owner can pay less in taxes by using proactive tax planning, because you're leveraging the full power of the tax code."
"My CPA takes care of my taxes" can be seven of the costliest words in the English dictionary. If you're a business owner that does not like wasting hard-earned dollars on unnecessary taxes, then you need to learn about proactive tax planning so that you can legally and ethically pay less in taxes. 
Michael Mann is the founder and CEO of FirstGen Planning, which is a comprehensive financial planning firm serving executives and entrepreneurs across the country. He has worked for some of the largest institutional investment firms in the world, families with wealth exceeding $750m, and families who are just starting to save. 
With this breadth of experience, Michael can help you cut through the noise, simplify the process, and position you, your business, and your family for the future. 
Join  Other Forward-Thinking, Chiropractors
We have One Saying At Gamechanger - “EVERY day is a Training Day!” 
Learn A System That can work for ANYONE, IF they are willing to TAKE ACTION.

This Is Not A Regular Seminar - This Event Will Change Your Life & Your Practice! 
Hilton Lake Front Rockwall
Rockwall, Texas
August 27-28th, 2021  
Meet the keynote Speaker
Dr. Michael Buffington

Join me on my mission to train the profession from the inside out.
  • Elite Coach: Over 100+ Doctors Trained
  • Podcast Host: Popular host of the Change The Game Podcast
  •  Successful Entrepreneur: Husband, Father, Doctor, Coach & Multiple Business Owner.
  • Experienced: Over 500,000+ Patients Served(direct patient care personally)
"Every Day Is Training Day"
The Gamechanger Experience Event FAQs
What Are The Dates For The Gamechanger Experience?
Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront

Parlor ABC - Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront

Friday, August 27, 2021
8:30 am - Registration begins
9:00 am - Start Time with approximate end time of 6 pm

Saturday, August 28, 2021
6:30 am - Morning session.  :-)
9:00 am - Start Time with approximate end time of 6 pm

Where Is The Venue For The Event?
Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront
2055 Summer Lee Drive
Rockwall, TX  75032

Once registered we can provide a discounted hotel link.
Can Anyone  Attend This Event?
We are only opening up this event to ESTABLISHED MALE DOCTORS OF CHIROPRACTIC, who want a higher level of success.
What Should I Wear?
Will be clarified in pretraining before the event.
Any Other Questions?
Contact me directly, Give me 24 hours at least, I actually live everything I train and stay hyper-focused on those already working with me.
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